That's why we are the choice of musicians from all over North Texas. Unlike many music schools, our focus is on cultivating an excitement for music and learning. We pride ourselves in teaching all ages and experience levels, for a wide variety of musical instruments. By offering so many choices, we enable you to customize your learning experience. You pick the instrument and style. We assess your skill level. Together, we work to meet your goals, and get you on your way to making the music that you want to play.


All instruments,

and all skill levels! 

For adults and kids, ages 5+

30, 45, and 60 minute lessons

Flexible scheduling.


Mix, produce, record, and rehearse in our sound treated studio. Making new music takes work. We want to help you chase your goals!


Special events designed to help foster a deeper connection to music.

Meet pro musicians and learn from their experiences.


Recitals, open mic nights, and other special performances for our students at real venues across Denton. Invite your friends and family to come support local live music!


"After just one month's worth of bass lessons with Thad, I was gigging with Jack Ingram all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  After a year's worth of lessons I was a confident, solid bass player who could learn tunes quickly and play with many casino online great musicians.  Thanks Thad, learning to play bass from you was the best thing I ever did for my drumming!"


-Mitch Marine (Brave Combo, Smashmouth, Jack Ingram)

"Thad is the only guitar teacher I have ever had ... When I graduated from high school and was about to start college at UNT, I needed help because I really wanted to place out of freshman theory. So, I went to Thad for the whole summer, and we really concentrated on theory and how it applies to guitar. And yes, I placed out. I graduated from UNT and have been a professional musician ever since. And I have always been thankful to Thad for his help in getting me to the next level!"


-Matthew Johnson (Redbone, Jack Russel's Great White, Molly Maguires)



"I was a seasoned musician and set in my ways when I started with Thad. Looking around his studio at my first lesson, I saw such a veriety of instruments that he works with. He encourages me to listen, accompanies me as  I play, and works on me 'working with others.' ... Thad works with me on a variety of styles to broaden my musical sense. He knows theory inside and out. Whenever I have a question, he instantly has the answer and can put it in a way I understand. Thad has revolutionized my playing -- and I've been playing almost as long as he has!"


-Steve Horn

Thad was my first guitar teacher, and perhaps the only person I ever had real lessons from. He taught me all of the basic right hand techniques that I have ever used along with the fret hand pull offs, hammer ons ... He is a perceptive and attentive teacher, always willing to tailor his pedagogy to fit individual preferences and aspirations. Perhaps most importantly, he is easy to follow and to understand. He gets ideas across clearly and directly, and he’s easy to be with and get along with. I wonder how much of the sizable and unusually talented (and some cases famous) guitar playing population of Denton he has fostered? It’s gotta have been a lot of 'em!”


-Brent Mitchell

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